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World Communication Forum 2013


Following the successful past editions of the Communication Forum, Comunicazione Italiana is very pleased to announce the World Communication Forum to be held in Milan, the ‘capital’ of business, communication and digital innovation in Italy, on 10th and 11th April 2013.

The World Communication Forum will take place at the Milan Stock Exchange Palace and will include two separate events the Communication Forum and the Digital Communication Forum with two different focuses over its two-day program: Focus on Communication on the first day and Focus on Digital Innovation on the second day.

The World Communication Forum will represent an extraordinary opportunity for international exchange and networking on a global scale and will be enriched by the participation of the most prominent Italian and international speakers, top managers, institutional representatives, businessmen and top opinion leaders in the marketing, communication, PR, digital communication and innovation sectors.

The World Communication Forum will be supported by most important international category associations as well as by comprehensive national and international media coverage (press, web, outdoor and TV).
The presence of over 3,000 attendees is expected over the two-day event.


  • Creating national and international business opportunities through the ‘Business Matching Program’
  • Attracting foreign investments into the Italian market
  • Fostering and promoting the internationalization of Italian companies
  • Strengthening connection between universities, associations, media, companies and institutions both at national and international level.


Comunicazione Italiana is looking for the support of the national and international communication business community. Fresh ideas as well as partnership and sponsorship proposals are most welcomed.


We are eager to hear from people who have an interest in speaking at the World Communication Forum. Corporate and institutional opinion leaders in the communication, marketing, PR, politics and digital innovation section, interested in participating, may contact us for speaking opportunities.


We offer partnership opportunities to integrated marking communication companies and agencies who may be interested in planning and supporting the communication activities related to the World Communication Forum through the realization of advertising videos, showreel, advertising campaign, outdoor communication, etc.


We are pleased to cooperate with ‘international-oriented’ professionals in marketing, communication and PR sectors who boast international network and contacts in particularly interesting foreign markets.


We are looking for foreign businessmen in the media, marketing and communication sectors to start strategic partnerships as ‘Ambassadors of the World Communication Forum’
For more information, please send an email to: fabrizio.cataldi@comunicazioneitaliana.it


The Communication Forum, the main Italian event dedicated to corporate and institutional communication, is ready for an important upgrade. In its fifth edition, it aims at internationalization and, indeed, will involve the most prominent national and international key players and opinion leaders from the communication, marketing and PR sectors.

The Communication Forum’s main objectives are:

· Developing national and international business opportunities;
· Attracting international businessmen and leaders into the Italian market;
· Fostering the internationalization of Italian companies;
· Strengthening connections between universities, associations, media, companies and institutions both at national and international level;
· Promoting the communication and innovation culture by sharing know-how and disseminating best practices for companies and institutions; In particular,
·For companies: Corporate Communication, Product Communication, Product Placement, Events, Social Networking Engagement, etc.
·For institutions: Institutional Communication, Political Communication, Tourism, Territorial Marketing, Education and Training, etc.

Call to action:

With the objective of an increasingly widespread World Communication Forum on the international scenario, Comunicazione Italiana is looking for:

Professionals with strong background in marketing, communication and PR, with an international-oriented profile and vision as well as with a network of contacts and relations in specific markets.

Businessmen abroad-based from media, marketing and communication sectors for the development of strategic partnerships with Comunicazione Italiana as ‘Ambassadors of the World Communication Forum".
Italian companies that wish to start business relations with foreign markets as well as foreign companies that wish to successfully enter the Italian market.

Prominent corporate and institutional opinion leaders in marketing, communication and innovation sectors who can participate as Speakers in the Communication Forum.

For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact: fabrizio.cataldi@comunicazioneitaliana.it

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